iWork for iOS and iCloud

How can I access documents on my iOS device on my computer?

In OS X Mountain Lion, you can also access your iWork documents directly from iCloud within the applications themselves. Choose Open from the File menu in an iWork application, then click the iCloud button in the top-left corner of the document browser to view all documents for that application that you have stored in iCloud.

On any Mac or PC, you can also visit icloud.com/iwork to download your iWork for iOS documents in iWork ’09, Microsoft Office, or PDF format (at icloud.com/iwork). You can also upload your iWork ’09 or Microsoft Office documents from your Mac or PC by dragging and dropping them to icloud.com/iwork; the documents will automatically appear on your iOS devices you’ve set up with iCloud.

Note: You cannot download a document from iCloud.com in Microsoft Office or PDF format to your Mac or Windows computer until the document has been previously opened on an iOS device. Learn more about Documents in the Cloud.

Are changes I make to iWork documents on my iOS device automatically made available on my other mobile devices and computers?

After you set up iCloud on your iOS devices, the changes you make to iWork documents on one device are automatically made available on your other iOS devices and to any computer running OS X Mountain Lion. For the changes to appear on your Mac running an earlier version of OS X or to appear on your PC, you must manually download the updated document(s) from icloud.com/iwork. The reverse is also true: for changes made to iWork documents on your Mac running an earlier version of OS X or on your PC to appear on your iOS device, you must upload the updated document(s) to icloud.com/iwork using your computer’s web browser.

Which web browsers work best with icloud.com/iwork?

iCloud.com works best with Safari 5 (or later), Firefox 5 (or later), Chrome 12 (or later), and Internet Explorer 8 (or later).

Note: See iCloud: About the iCloud Web App Plugin for Internet Explorer for more information on using Internet Explorer with iCloud.

What does using iCloud to store iWork documents cost?

Your iCloud account includes 5 GB of free storage for Mail, Documents, and your iCloud Backup. Note: Your purchased music, apps, books, TV shows, as well as your Photo Stream do not count against your 5 GB of free storage.

You can manage or buy more iCloud Storage space from any device.

Where can I find out more about using iCloud with iWork for iOS?