iWork.com – FAQ

What is iWork.com?
iWork.com is a web-based service from Apple that lets you securely share your documents, spreadsheets, and presentations from iWork for Mac and iWork for iPad with anyone, whether they use a Mac, iPad, or PC.

Documents you share on iWork.com can be viewed in a modern web browser and invited viewers can add comments and document notes.


How do I share documents on iWork.com?
iWork.com can be used to share documents you create in iWork on your Mac or iPad by using an Apple ID and a working Internet connection.

Once you have finished creating your spreadsheet, document, or presentation:
On your Mac: Click the Share button in the toolbar within Pages, Numbers, or Keynote, or choose Share > Share via iWork.com to get started. Then, sign in to iWork.com using your existing Apple ID (iTunes or MobileMe ID), or sign up for a new one here. You can then invite viewers to your document via email, choose to share your documents publicly, or upload them for private online storage.

On your iPad: Tap the Share icon within the Pages, Numbers, or Keynote app and choose “Share via iWork.com.” You can then choose from the options to finish sharing your document.
If you choose to share your document with invited viewers, iWork.com will send each of your invitees an email invitation with a link to your document.


How do I publish a document on iWork.com for public viewing?
You can publish a document you share on iWork.com for public viewing by creating a public link (URL) for the document and posting the link on a website. You can also embed a Keynote ’09 presentation you share on iWork.com on webpages and blogs using the embed code provided by iWork.com. Note that viewers can’t add comments or notes to a publicly-shared iWork.com document.

To create a Public Link for a document:

  1. Open an iWork.com document.
  2. Select Public in the Document Info pane on the right.
  3. Click Show Public Link and copy the link so you can paste it into an email or website.

To embed a Keynote ’09 presentation you share on iWork.com on a webpage or blog:

  1. Publish a Keynote ’09 presentation to iWork.com (after installing iWork Update 9.0.5).
  2. Open the presentation on iWork.com
  3. Select Public in the Document Info pane.
  4. Click Show Embed Code and copy the code into the HTML of the webpage or blog.

If you decide to remove public access to a document, open the iWork.com document and deselect Public in the Document Info pane.


How do I securely share documents on iWork.com?
iWork.com features automatic 128-bit SSL encryption which safeguards communication between publishers and viewers.
You can also password-protect the documents you share, so anyone who receives your document’s URL will be asked for a password in order to view the document on iWork.com.

See Protecting a document with an online password to find out more.


What web browsers work best with iWork.com?
Using the latest version of Safari and Mobile Safari provides publishers and invited viewers with the best experience for viewing documents on iWork.com. You may be able to use other browsers listed below but not all features are supported. Supported browsers are:

  1. Safari 4 or higher for Mac and Windows
  2. Firefox 3 or higher
  3. Internet Explorer 7 or higher
  4. Mobile Safari 2 or higher for iOS.


Can I send my documents to iWork.com without inviting others?

  1. From any of the iWork applications on your Mac, just choose “Upload for private use” from the share options in the dialogue that appears after you click the Share button.
  2. From any of the iWork for iPad apps, just leave the To field blank in the Share via iWork.com window.

To access your document, go to iWork.com from any supported web browser and sign in using your Apple ID. You now have access to your document from any Mac, iPad or PC that is connected to the Internet.


What does iWork.com cost?
iWork.com is currently in beta and is free. Fees may apply in the future.


How do I report abuse on iWork.com?
If you believe that materials posted on iWork.com are in violation of the iWork.com Terms of Service, click the link below and follow the instructions under Section 4 to report abuse. iWork.com Terms of Service


Where can I find out more about using iWork.com?
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